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Sphynx cat urn

The most distinctive feature of this cat is its appearance of hairlessness. The Sphynx is of medium size and body conformation with surprising weight for its size. The body feels warm and soft to the touch, with a skin texture akin to either a soft peach or a smooth nectarine. The Sphynx is sweet-tempered, lively, and amenable to handling. To say Sphynxes are lively is an understatement; they perform monkey-like aerialist feats from the top of doorways and bookshelves.

Very devoted and loyal, they follow their humans around, wagging their tails doggy fashion, kneading with their padded toes, and purring with delight at the joy of being near their beloved humans. They demand your unconditional attention and are as mischievous and lovable as children. And despite all that and their alien appearance, they are still entirely cats, with all the mystery and charm that has fascinated humankind for thousands of years.

While the Sphynx may not be for everyone, its unique appearance and charming temperament has won it an active, enthusiastic following. The Sphynx is not the first instance of hairlessness in domestic cats. This natural, spontaneous mutation has been seen in various locations around the world for more than a century, and probably much longer. According to Mr.

Ina pair of Siamese cats in Paris, France, produced a litter that included three hairless kittens. The results were repeated in subsequent matings of the same pair, but breeding the parents to other Siamese cats produced no new hairless kittens. Other hairless felines turned up in Morocco, Australia, North Carolina, and, inin Roncesvalles, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where a pair of domestic shorthairs produced a litter that included a hairless kitten named Prune.

A breeder obtained the parents and began a breeding program; the breed was named the Canadian Hairless. Prune was mated with his mother, which produced one hairless kitten. InCFA granted provisional status to the breed. This line had a number of difficulties; the gene pool was limited, and some kittens died from undiagnosed health problems. Hugo Hernandez in the s.

In andtwo hairless female kittens believed to be related to Prune were found in Toronto. One female conceived, but she lost the litter. InMinnesota farm owners Milt and Ethelyn Pearson discovered a hairless kitten had been born to their normal-coated farm cat, Jezabelle.

This kitten, named Epidermis, was joined the next year by another hairless kitten named Dermis. Both were sold to Oregon breeder Kim Mueske, who used the kittens to develop the Sphynx breed.

Georgiana Gattenby of Brainerd, Minnesota, also worked with kittens from the Pearson line, using Cornish Rex as an outcross. At almost the same timeSiamese breeder Shirley Smith of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, found three hairless kittens on the streets of her neighborhood, which she named Bambi, Punkie, and Paloma.

The breed has made considerable strides since its inception. While most fanciers have welcomed the Sphynx as unique and exotic, some members of the cat fancy wish that the Sphynx would put on some clothes. Like other breeds that have diverged from the basic design, the Sphynx has drawn some negative attention. In addition, the gene that governs hairlessness can be considered a genetic disorder, since the cat is more susceptible to both heat and cold. On the other hand, fanciers argue that we humans are more or less hairless compared with our closest relatives, and with a dap of sunscreen we manage to get by just fine.

TICA accepted the breed for championship in InCCA recognized the Sphynx for championship. InACFA followed suit. InCFA recognized the new and improved Sphynx lines for registration and in accepted the breed for championship.

Body is medium length, hard, and muscular with broad rounded chest and full round abdomen. The rump is well-rounded and muscular.I own three Sphynx cats and am a huge fan of the breed. They are friendly, energetic, and playful pets.

sphynx cat urn

They're good with children and other animals, and, despite their strange appearance, they make warm and adorable cuddle buddies. However, many people don't know what they're getting into when they decide to get a Sphynx, which ironically needs more care than most cats because of its hairlessness.

Before you decide to buy your hairless companion, make sure you do your research! These cats are incredibly loving and will greet you at the door and sleep on your lap, but they also need a lot of companionship and regular grooming, which makes them higher maintenance than most cat breeds.

If you have a Sphynx, be prepared to groom it at least once a week. Think of them in the same way you would think of a baby.

sphynx cat urn

It's hairless, close to the ground, not designed to clean itself, and has special needs. A Sphynx cat needs a bath at least once a week, and preferably in a medicated pet shampoo like Malaseb to ensure any bacteria or other nasties are killed during the bath. Most cats of this breed have been acclimated to regular baths by their breeder, which you can see in all the cat videos of hairless kitties happily playing in the bath. However, sometimes a Sphynx will retain its cat instincts and really dislike getting wet.

Make sure your breeder has worked at acclimatising your kitten to a regular bath, and continue regular bathing to reinforce the habit. Special rewards during and after will help. Even with the bathing, your new friend may leave marks on furniture, sheets and your fluffy white towels just out of the drier if they sleep there for any length of time. This is because of their oily sweat glands, which can cause reddish-brown oil to build up on their skin.

Regular bathing will help, but it will not keep the cats from sweating, so if you cannot deal with the occasional oily brown sweat stain, this may not be the cat for you.

Sphynxes have no hair in their ear canals, which means dirt and debris collects in their ears more easily. They also produce copious amounts of dark earwax that is quite unsightly and can stain furniture and clothes.

This wax will block the ear canal if left uncleaned. Be prepared to clean the gunk out of their ears with a cotton swab and some ear cleaner a couple of times a week. I won't lie to you; it is quite disgusting. If you are totally grossed out by the thought, then do not buy a hairless cat. If you choose to trim your cat's nails, do so directly after its bath when the nails will be softer and easier to cut. Make sure to only trim the sharp ends and not the more sensitive pink part of the claws called the "quick".

You can trim nails with any sharp nail clipper, and make sure to clean your cat's toes in the bath, as residue can sometimes build up! Sphynx cats are among the most loving and friendly cats. If you want a cat who will sleep on your lap while you watch TV, snuggle up with you at night, and greet you at the door after work, this breed will not disappoint.

They are gentle, easygoing, and good with kids, dogs, and other cats. The flip side of all that friendliness is that they need companionship. This breed does not like being left alone, and they have a desperate need for attention. If you get one, you need to be able to return all the affection and love it gives you.

If you aren't a very affectionate pet-owner, you'd be better off getting a more independent, stand-offish cat, like a Siamese. If you are leaving the house for long periods of time, your Sphynx's heart is going to break. Unless you have a companion for it, it is going to become depressed. If you don't have other friendly animals it can interact with, and you know you'll be out of the house often, then you should either buy two or get a Sphynx and another, less high-maintenance cat as a companion.

If you get both cats as kittens and they grow up together, they will certainly become best friends. When was the last time you ran around the house naked? In countries that have cold winters, your power bill will need to rise as a Sphynx needs to be warm all of the time not just when humans are in the house.

If you don't leave the heaters on, then you will need to purchase a heated cat igloo or make sure they have a warm bed with pillows that gets plenty of sun.This means I hollow it out, line the inside with fabric. Blanket, pillow or sunny rock as a base is included in price, if you want it. If there is not a specific favorite item, the kitty on its own without a base will likely be slightly larger. If you want a bed included Im happy to, but keep in mind that it may obscure part of kitty or limit the pose.

There is plenty of room for the ashes, even in a 7 to 8 inch sculpture, so there is no need for the base beyond how you want to see it. Do You have Canine friends Too? Click here to see this sweet Doberman on my. Custom Pet and Dog Sculpture site. Sphynx, figurine, urn, hairless, casket, custom sculptures portraits, custom urn persian snowshoe siamese himayayan grey tiger gray tiger orange red tiger tabby urn cremains.

OR, I can incorporate them in the clay. Or simply enclose them in the urn sculpture permanently for you. I personally do all work. The photo below shows the comparison between. It is made to insert cremains in the plastic they come in and usually have space for a collar or toy memento inside too.

I fire each one to degrees f. Grey Persian Custom Cat Urn. I am always honored to be trusted with their memorials. Gorgeous Persian Clouded Bengal Calico pet urn sculpture. I do not use any molds. View on Mobile.Welcome to Sphynxlair! Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Registered members Current visitors. Log in Register.

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Sphynx Urns or Figurines. Thread starter dodgecity1 Start date Jul 21, Joined Oct 2, Messages 5 Points I am looking for an urn that looks like a sphynx or a figurine thats hollow in the bottom Any ideas. I just lost my baby Jessey.

Joined Nov 9, Messages 25, Points Aw, bless your heart. I have no idea. Have you tried to google sphynx urn? I am so sorry for your loss.Cats are, perhaps, some of the most interesting friends that one can make.

Sphynx Urns or Figurines

As Albert Schwitzer once said, "There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats. The simple fact that they don't show the same loyalty as dogs do, is what makes their affection even more meaningful.

Just as a dog can sense your emotions, cats also have a way of knowing when you need a good laugh, or a loving cuddle. The interesting personalities they develop almost mirror our own. Because cats can be such personable companions, when one is lost, it is one of the saddest moments one can experience.

Just as it has been for people, cremation is becoming more and more popular choice for pets as well. The rise in the amount of pet cremations is certainly reflected by the diversity developed in the memorial market. Cat cremation urns alone offer a large variety of different designs, which are all, as the name implies, feline-themed.

These beautiful memorials range from an elegantly sculpted cat figurines, to beautiful and modern covered vases that feature relief carvings of cats whimsically playing at 'Rainbow Bridge'. This section features vessels made from an array of different materials as well, which include cultured resin, wood, metal, ceramic and many more. The styles offered in this section ensure that there is a beautiful cremation urn to not only suite the personality of a beloved cat, but to also honor the love and friendship our feline friends gave to us.

Cat Cremation Urns for Ashes

It certainly goes without saying that when one loses a cat, whether the loss is expected or unexpected, the loss is greatly felt. Suddenly, there seems to be a void in our hearts, and in our lives, that no one or nothing can fill. Some say that our cats provide us with unlimited happy memories and endless love, so that those memories, as they are recollected one by one in time, can one day help fill the emptiness felt by the loss.

A beautiful cat cremation urn can gently remind us of the happier moments we got to experience with our beloved kitties. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

Need Help? Give Us a Call! My Account. Urns View All Cremation Urns. Discount Urns. Marble Urns.Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question.

Please enter a question. We are here to help you to say the last goodbye to your precious cat. We offer a collection of 50 urns with different cat breeds. Give us your cat's name, date of birth and death and we will engrave them and make your own, personal memorial.

Wooden urn is made of birch, which makes it durable and lasting. The urn has brass handles and wreath shaped decorations. Engraving is applied to birch plywood. Its classic style makes it ageless. This custom made urn will make your pet feel your love forever. Urn dimensions: 21 x 29 x 22 cm 8,3 x 11,4 x 8,7 inches.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Skip to main content. In Stock. Add to Cart. Secure transaction. Your transaction is secure. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission.Welcome to Sphynxlair! Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Registered members Current visitors. Log in Register.

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sphynx cat urn

Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Sphynx Urns or Figurines. Thread starter dodgecity1 Start date Jul 21, Joined Oct 2, Messages 5 Points I am looking for an urn that looks like a sphynx or a figurine thats hollow in the bottom Any ideas.

I just lost my baby Jessey. Joined Nov 9, Messages 25, Points Aw, bless your heart. I have no idea. Have you tried to google sphynx urn?

I am so sorry for your loss. Joined Jan 13, Messages 22, Points Yes I just am not finding anything that looks like a sphynx They have Siamese Persian Himis etc I miss my baby He evidentially was born with an immune disorder 1st having pneumonia then ended up with Immune mediated hemalytic anemia He was non responsive to steroids.

He was only 8 months old and the breeder is wonderful When the time is right we will be getting another. Catzzzmeow Moderator Staff member. Joined Jan 16, Messages 27, Points I am so sorry to hear of you loss. I know you were looking for Sphynx specific urns, here is a neat site with urns for cats in general, perhaps an urn with cat paws or something like that is very nice.

P Lairian V. P Lairian. Joined May 7, Messages 2, Points Sorry for your loss.

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