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Speciale culture ultime

How do you plan on celebrating New Year's Eve this year? Will you run around the neighborhood, chucking old dishware at people's front doors? If you live in Denmark, you might do just that. Or perhaps you'll pick some famous person or event that made a splash in the news during the year, construct an effigy, then light it on fire and watch it burn?

Doesn't sound like you?

speciale culture ultime

It might, if you were Ecuadorean. Traditions vary widely around the world, and the ways of one society often seem downright wacky to others. American culture and traditions, thanks to the hard work of Hollywood and other arms of the nation's media multiplex, have become well-known in most corners of the map.

But that doesn't always mean people in other countries find some of these customs less bizarre than Americans consider theirs. On the next 10 pages, we'll cover 10 traditions Americans take for granted, but that people in other countries often consider strange at best.

The History and Symbolism of the U. Presidential Seal. Start the Countdown. The Lantern Festival is held on the 15th day of the first lunar month in China -- the last day of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations.

See more pictures of Beijing.Where are we ordering takeout from? What new series are we going to binge watch tonight? Everything in life is a negotiation. Sometimes, as in the aforementioned examples, the stakes are quite low. Bad results, at worst, are heartburn and boredom. But other times negotiations have much more on the line. Life and death, to be exact. These are the kinds of negotiations Chris Voss has dealt with for the better part of his professional career.

Read some of the takeaways and listen to the full episode embedded below. When in a negotiation it's crucial to get as much information out of the other side as possible. An example:. Person 1: To get someone to tip their hand and clarify, simply repeat the last three to five keywords in their sentence.

Person 1: Yeah, pretty crazy right? What that does is it causes me to explain my point again from a different angle, revealing more information that could be extremely valuable and also it helps you decipher my true desired outcomes and motivations. Likewise, with "how? Tell me, how am I supposed to do that? It forces them to be on your side for a moment, and in hearing them think out a plan, it can reveal hidden motivations.

Voss says that during hostage negotiations you're often not speaking directly to the boss. Typically someone will be assigned to deal with law enforcement to simply give demands. In business and in hostage negotiations, trying to simply blow by these people is looking for trouble.

Their inaction takes zero effort for them but provides a crushing blow to you. Similarly, if you belittle the terrorist handling the phone he may freak and hang up on you.Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Wonder at awe-inspiring traditional Korean homes and get lost in the enchanting alleys that wind through them at Bukchon Hanok Village.

Experience Korean culture through a non-verbal performance such as Bibapa cooking-themed b-boy show or The Painters: HEROan entertaining look at the process of painting.

Quiz: If You Pass This Pop Culture Quiz You're Probably a Millennial: HowStuffWorks

Use one of these essential Korean phrases to impress a local with your language skills. Book an appointment with a Korean acupuncturist to realign your chi.

Attend a live recording of a televised K-Pop concert. Wander Iwha Art Village, a dilapidated residential district that has been given a facelift through the installment of sculptures and the creation of countless street murals. Get chimaek — fried chicken and beer — hand-delivered to you on the Han River. Chow down on live octopus and lots of soju at Noryangjin Fish Market. Do as the locals do and sample bindaetteok mungbean pancakes and makgeolli Korean rice wine on a rainy day at Gwangjang Market.

Gorge on sundae blood sausageodeng skewered fish cakeskimbap rice rollsand other Korean street food treatsat a pojangmacha Korean street food stall vendor. Enjoy a truly unusual dining experiencewhether eating your meal in a tee-pee or in complete darkness.

Stuff your face with juicy cuts of samgyeopsal pork belly and galbi marinated ribs at one of these top Korean-style BBQ joints.

speciale culture ultime

Secure a lock at the top of Namsan Tower with your significant other to demonstrate your everlasting love. Catch an exhibition at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, a neo-futuristic architectural masterpiece by the late Iraqi-born architect Zaha Hadid.

Strip down to your birthday suit at a jjimjilbangor Korean style spa, where you can soak in hot tubs, relax in steamy saunas and even get a body scrub. Eat a breakfast of cup noodles at a convenience store alongside hungry students in uniform and hungover office workers. Top off a night out on the town singing your heart out at a noraebangor Korean-style karaoke room. Have your tarot cards read by a Korean fortune teller.

Challenge your friends to a game-off at a PC bang, and admire the gaming skills of the sleepless teenagers surrounding you. Gaze down over the dazzling Seoul cityscape from atop the floor Lotte World Tower.Vanessa Carlton gave us this catchy song in with an equally awesome music video.

It was also Vanessa's debut single which introduced her to the world. Being so successful, sometimes you might even find yourself humming it nowadays! Hilary Duff rose to fame when she became "Lizzie McGuire" in The show's use of an animated version of Lizzie that gave her inner thoughts was innovative.

She was basically a Bitmoji long before Snapchat was ever a thing. Alicia Silverstone starred as Cher, a rich teen in the movie "Clueless," which became an instant classic. Everyone wanted to steal Cher's style after seeing her awesome yellow plaid outfit! Tamagotchis were the pet you always wanted as a kid.

When the capability of connecting with your friends came along, you never knew when they might send you an unwanted But you could always send one back!

It's hard to think of Christmas without this classic song coming to mind. She also remixed the iconic song with Justin Bieber in We'll let you decide which version you think is the best out of the two! The Backstreet Boys dominated the airwaves in the '90s with some huge hits that are still stuck in our heads today!

Hailing from Orlando, Florida, the band was made up of five members who stole the hearts of many around the world.

It proved to be entertaining for many to watch the two and their antics as they learned a new way of life. You were pretty cool if you had one of these awesome toys that you could teach English to! Maybe you even tried to get it to sing your favorite Britney Spears song. They're still around today, but did you know that these days you can connect it to your phone with an app?

In fact, no iPhone comes without it, and you'll find that your Mac computers have the app as well. We bet just about every millennial has heard this quote at least once in their life. From the movie "Mean Girls," the line is still quoted today. If you wanted to stay in the clique, it was important to follow this rule. You just got home from school, sat down on the couch and turned on your favorite TV show, "Punk'd!

You never know where or when you could be "Punk'd. First introduced to the world init was only a matter of time before it became one of the most popular phones on the market. At this time, one major competitor of the iPhone was the Blackberry, which eventually lost its popularity.Books Apparel Magnet Shop.

Kente cloth is deeply intertwined with the history of the Ashanti nation. The Ashanti Empire or Confederacy, which was located in what is today Ghana, first emerged in West Africa during the seventeenth century. The Ashanti are members of the Akan people who speak the Akan or Ashanti dialect. Akans also refer to Kente as nwentoma, which means woven cloth.

Kente cloth designs vary, with the different designs, colors, and patterns each having their own special meanings and stories. But Kente cloth also reflects the history of the Ashanti people, from the emergence of the various Ashanti kingdoms to the development of the slave trade up to and including contemporary life in Ghana. According to Ashanti legend, two farmers, Krugu Amoaya and Watah Kraban, from the village of Bonwire, came across a spider, Ananse, spinning a web.

They wove a cloth first from white, and then black and white, fibers from a raffia tree.

Culture shock

They then presented their cloth to the Ashanti Asantehene, or king, Nana Osei Tutu who reigned from to Ashante male weaver,Public Domain. Although the first kente cloth was made of raffia fibers, Kente cloth, which was associated with Ashanti royalty, was made of silk during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Silk was extremely costly as this fabric was imported into the Ashanti kingdoms through the trans-Saharan trade route, a route that stretched across the Sahara Desert from the West Coast of Africa to the Middle East and from there to Europe and Asia.

This trade route which dated back to at least BCE crossed some of the most barren and desolate land in the world. The dangers of this crossing, even when traders used caravans of camels, were such that any and all goods transported this way came with a hefty price tag. While Kente cloth was a product of a global trade route which stretched from Asia through Europe to Africa, this cloth and the people also came to be associated with another global trade routethe slave trade.

In fact, the history of the Ashanti people, who lived on the West Coast of Africa, is strongly tied to the history of the slave trade. Maroon men and child in Suriname. Man on right draped in what appears to be Pangi cloth, As was true of many pre-modern societies in Africa, Asia and Europe, the Ashanti practiced slavery. When Europeans, specifically the Portuguese, came into contact with the Ashanti during the sixteenth century, both Europeans and the Ashanti traded gold, ivory, and slaves.

Ashanti slaves were transported to the New World in large numbers. Today, for example, the Maroon people of Suriname weave a cotton cloth called Pangi that is comparable in style and design to the Kente cloth of their Ashanti ancestors.

As is true with Kente cloth, Pangi has multi-colored vertical and horizontal stripes. The strong similarities between Pangi and Kente cloth undoubtedly reflect the fact that the Maroons in Suriname were escaped slaves who lived in their villages.

speciale culture ultime

Living apart from Europeans, the Arawaks and the other peoples of Suriname may have allowed these slaves to retain many Ashanti traditions. Although similar to many other kinds of West African weaving in its basic design, Kente cloth is unique in its intricacy and perfection, as well as the wide variety of colors used in the patterns. Patterns are not only categorized by their association with a specific Ashanti proverb, they also have multiple meanings.

The proverb Dea emmaa da eno ne dea yennhunu na yennte bi da Figure A of the emaa da novelty print, for example, symbolizes knowledge, creativity, novelty, and innovation.The region is bordered by Guangdong province to the north and the South China Sea to the east, south, and west.

It consists of Hong Kong Islandoriginally ceded by China to Great Britain inthe southern part of the Kowloon Peninsula and Stonecutters Ngong Shuen Island now joined to the mainlandceded inand the New Territorieswhich include the mainland area lying largely to the north, together with large and small offshore islands—all of which were leased from China for 99 years from to The Chinese-British joint declaration signed on December 19,paved the way for the entire territory to be returned to China, which occurred July 1, The area of Hong Kong Pinyin: Xianggang; Wade-Giles: Hsiang-kang has expanded over the years, and it has continued to grow as more land has been reclaimed from the surrounding sea.

Hong Kong Island and its adjacent islets have an area of only about 31 square miles 81 square kmwhile urban Kowloon, which includes the Kowloon Peninsula south of Boundary Street, and Stonecutters Island measure about 18 square miles 47 square km.

The New Territories account for the rest of the area—more than 90 percent of the total. The Victoria urban district located on the barren rocks of the northwestern coast of Hong Kong Island is the place where the British first landed inand it has since been the centre of administrative and economic activities.

The community remains limited in space and natural resources, and it faces persistent problems of overcrowding, trade fluctuations, and social and political unrest.

Hong Kong has rugged relief and marked variations in topographywhich is in sharp contrast to the low-lying areas of the Pearl River Delta region but conforms geologically and structurally to the well-eroded upland region of the great South China massif.

Structurally, the area is an upfold, running northeast-southwest, that was formed about million years ago toward the latter part of the Jurassic Period. Lava poured into this structure and formed volcanic rocks that were later intruded by an extensive granitic dome. The harbour of Hong Kong was formed by the drowning of the denuded centre of the dome.

The surrounding hills on the mainland and on Hong Kong Island are partly capped by volcanic rocks, and steep, scarplike concave slopes lead to the inner harbour. The area is a partially submerged, dissected upland terrain that rises abruptly to heights above 2, feet metres ; its backbone is made up of a series of ridges, running northeast to southwest, that tie in closely with the structural trend in South China.

This trend is clearly observable from the alignment of Lantau Island and the Tolo Channel. From Mount Tai Mo—at 3, feet metres the highest peak in the territory—the series of ridges extends southwestward to Lantau Islandwhere the terrain rises to 3, feet metres on Lantau Peak and 2, feet metres on Sunset Peak.

Victoria Hong Kong Harbour is well protected by mountains on Hong Kong Island that include Victoria Peak in the west, which rises to 1, feet metresand Mount Parker in the east, which reaches a height of about 1, feet metres. Lowlands of the Hong Kong region, including floodplains, river valleys, and reclaimed land, occupy less than one-fifth of the land. The urban area that spans the two sides of the harbour, with ongoing reclamation, takes up only about one-tenth of the level area.

Hong Kong lacks a river system of any scope, the only exception being in the north where the Sham Chun Shenzhen River, which forms the boundary between Guangdong and Hong Kong, flows into Deep Bay after collecting a number of small tributaries. Most of the streams are small, and they generally run perpendicular to the northeast-southwest trend of the terrain.

The construction of reservoirs and their catchment systems has reduced the amount of fresh water available downstream. An exception is the alluvial soils, which are found mainly in the Deep Bay area, where the sediment-laden waters of the Pearl River estuary meet saline waters at high tide and slow down to deposit their sediments to form mudflats. Paddy rice farming and, more recently, intensive vegetable cultivation have modified the alluvial soils.

Elsewhere, hill soils, classified as red-yellow podzolic and krasnozem, abound. Under forest, these hill soils have a well-developed profile, with rich topsoil, but, when they are exposed, as is mostly the case, they tend to be thin and lacking in nutrients.Whether you work remotely all the time or you've been thrust into it recently, we have tips that will help you thrive. Start with our answers to your remote work FAQsand then dig deeper below.

Why remote? We've divided our tips for remote work into seven categories. Click on the category you need help with, or scroll down for a list of all of our articles. These articles will give you ideas for how to automate remote work processes. You can use them to streamline your work and stay connected from home. When you're not sitting a few feet from your coworkers, communication and collaboration don't come as naturally.

Here we have tips for how to work together on your remote team. Managing remotely is about building trust and a culture of accountability. Here are some tips for how to manage remote workers. If you're worried about productivity in remote work, these articles will give you strategies to be sure you're getting things done when working from home.

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If you're used to working in an office, working from home can throw you for a loop. Here you can read about how to make your home office—or wherever you're working—the most productive space possible. When working remotely, you'll need more apps than you're used to—to stay connected and get things done efficiently.

speciale culture ultime

Here are some tips for remote work tools. Introducing: Zappy by Zapiera screenshot tool for macOS that helps your team share what you see in a snap. With easy-to-use annotation tools, Zappy can help you collaborate with your teammates fast. Quickly capture and share screenshots, GIFs, and recordings for free.

Learn more about Zappy. Remote work is growing in popularity. Read about the state of remote work and how it benefits workers. You can read the main takeaways in the blog post as well: How to transition to remote work in a hurry. All of the content from that guide is also listed above. Get this book in a variety of formats, plus other great content from Zapier! Last updated on March 30, Zapier is the easiest way to automate powerful workflows with more than 2, apps.

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