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Bangladesh police station list

I would like to extend my special thanks and heartiest congratulations to the citizens of this port City, Chattogram. Chattogram Metropolitan Police has started its digital journey. Our commitment is to ensure protection of life and property and to keep the peace and tranquility in the city.

A core function of CMP is to take all the possible steps to prevent crime, to identify the criminals and to bring them under the process of law. It is our dream to maintain a crime and hazard free city life. We are trying our level best to establish a police friend society. To ensure that we have already connected people to our mainstream policing through community policing program. I wish this website a grand success.

Amena Begam, bpm. Additional Police Commissioner. Chattogram Metropolitan Police. Shyamal Kumar Nath. Crime and operations.

Additional Police Commissioner Traffice. Amir Jafar. Deputy Police Commissioner. Deputy Police Commissioner North. Deputy Police Commissioner South. Deputy Police Commissioner Port. Farook ul Haque PPM. Deputy Police Commissioner West. Chattogram Metroplitan Police. Mizanur Rahman.

Mostain Hossain, BPM. Chittagong Metroplitan Police. Taraq Ahmed. Abdul Warish. Haroon-ur-Rashid Hazaree.Bangladesh is a beautiful populous country which is situated at nice topical regions. Districts are divided to upazila or police stations. I have included all divisions, districts, upazilas or police station at a one file here. Downloads All Regions. If you need the regions are separately that is divisions, districts, upazila or police station are each separated file download the below file.

Separated Regions of Bangladesh. There is only runnable sql Structure Query Language file I shared at above both folder. There is three file. Each divisions, districts and police stations or upazilas names are available in both English and Bengali language. Besides there is also available each districts website address, latitude and longitude what you helps to place the address onto google map. In case of your MySql database, go to your specified database and import the referred three file sequentially.

Please modify the column name if you want. Look the live preview of regions name lists of Bangladesh. Need more details or if you provide respected unions and village names list it would be better.

Job About Us. All upazila or police stations, districts and divisions list of Bangladesh. There is three file divisions. Instructions In case of your MySql database, go to your specified database and import the referred three file sequentially. Your email address will not be published.Are you looking for the Phone number of police Station or Thana of Bangladesh? Here we have provided all kinds of police Station number in Bangladesh.

With DMP phone number you can inform any kind of unnatural activities that held around your area. So for this, We have listed the mobile number of the office in charge of all Dhaka Police station. Here we go. Are you are a people of Barishal? Is someone threading you? Do you need any help of law or Police? Did you just faced pick pocket?

Do you want to complain this to nearest police Station? If you are now at shylet then the chart below is only for you. Here you can find all Thana number of Shylet. We also added the thana address for your kind information. Are you looking for Police mobile number of chittagong? Faceing problem in Chittagong? If true you might need Chittagong police. So We have arranged all kinds of thana mobile number for your help. Do you need police help in Khulna? Looking for for mobile number of OC on Khulna?

All upazila or police stations, districts and divisions list of Bangladesh

Then the post is for you. Here you can view the police thana mobile number of khulna. Pick the mobile number of Office in charge of Khulna, Bangladesh and let them know your problem. Are you an inhabitant of Rajshahi Division? Then you must have the collection of Police number of Rajshahi Police Station. I am Arif, author of Lekhapora. I am a teacher. I love to teach and share things. That's why I made this website.

Hope you will get your desire information here related to education, National, Internation affairs.

List of Officers

Table of Contents.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Bangladesh Police is the premier law enforcement agency of the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. In line with the Vision of the Government to build a Digital Bangladesh, Bangladesh police has already taken various initiatives to deliver service to the citizens. This mobile application is one of the initiatives. It has been designed to let every citizen to collaborate with Bangladesh Police by providing any information the citizens feel necessary to bring to the notice of Police.

Bangladesh Police is committed to respond to the necessity of citizens with great care. Police feedback will be available to all users of the application as public information. Reviews Review Policy. SMS and Call Log permission has been removed.

Vatara Police Station

View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. Privacy Policy. See more. Astronomy Events with Push. Mohammad Odeh. The App lists and sends notification for the important astronomical events.

Higher Learning Technologies Inc. Capturs : live GPS tracking for outdoor sports. Go for the adventure More by Bangladesh Police. BD Police Phone Directory. Bangladesh Police. Bangladesh police phone directory.Inspector General. I am immensely pleased to heartily welcome all to the webpage of Bangladesh police.

bangladesh police station list

Originally created to serve the interests of the colonial authority of the far past, Bangladesh Police, now imbued with the spirit of freedom and independence, has come through a paradigm shift and become the symbol of rule of law.

The dawn of this new journey was our great war of liberation when, in response to the clarion call of Bangabandhu, father of the nation, the undaunted members of this force chose to be the vanguards of a life-staking armed resistance against the brutal aggression to our beloved motherland.

Since then we have been changing everyday in every ways and today policing here is pro-people, proactive, community-oriented, technology based and sensitized to issues regarding human rights, gender and children. Particularly, in the last four and a half years Bangladesh police has undergone radical changes in terms of professional amelioration, capacity building and service delivery, thanks to the personal and initiatives of the Honorable prime Minister in this regard.

Today we are fully committed to upholding the rule of law and ensuring a society safe for all to live and work, pray and play, and for the democracy to prosper and flourish.

We are for the community. So our focus is on building stronger trust with the community, and we consider the responsible members of the community our most potential weapons in the battle against all sorts of chaos and criminality.

I believe Bangladesh police Webpage will open up a new avenue for us to reach our goal. I wish this webpage a grand success. Bangladesh Police is committed to enforce law, maintain social order, reduce fear of crime,enhance public safety and ensure internal security with the active support of the community. To provide quality service by competent, efficient and dedicated professionals enjoying trust and respect of citizens to make Bangladesh a better and safer place to live.

Bangladesh Police devotes a round the clock service to public order, peace and security. It works relentlessly to secure life and property of the people. The enormous area of responsibility and the volume of works of Bangladesh Police entail activities ranging from domestic law and order management to performing globally with the UN in its different peacekeeping missions.

The functions in generally carried out by Bangladesh Police are as follows:. Bangladesh Police is the core law enforcement agency of Bangladesh. It plays the prime and pivotal role in maintaining law and order of the state. Though police is primarily concerned with maintaining law and order assuring security of public life and property. In Bangladesh, the formal and organized policing with varieties of activities as of today has come to this stage through lots of evolutions and developments across the long time United Nations UN.It plays a crucial role in maintaining peace, and enforcement of law and order within Bangladesh.

Though the police are primarily concerned with the maintenance of law and order and security of persons and property of individuals, they also play a big role in the criminal justice system.

Details of policing activities during the middle age are challenging to find. However, during the periods of the great sultans, an official holding the position of Muhtasib used to perform the duties of policing. This person was the chief of police, in charge of public works, and the inspector of public ethics simultaneously. In urban areas, Kotwals were responsible for performing police duties. The policing system introduced by Sher Shah Suri was further organised during the period of Emperor Akbar : the Emperor organised his administrative structure introducing Fouzdari the principal representative of the EmperorMir Adal and Kazi the head of judicial departmentand Kotwal the chief police official of larger cities.

This system was effective in maintaining the law and order in cities, and was implemented in Dhaka. Many district sadar police stations are still called Kotwali police stations. In the Mughal period, Kotwal emerged as an institution. A Fouzdar was appointed to every administrative unit of the government districtunder whom there were some artillery and cavalry forces.

bangladesh police station list

There was a disciplined police system during the Mughal period, though there was no professional police force like that in the British period. In the early stage of the Industrial Revolutionwhen England was facing grave crisis due to socio-economic transformation, the necessity of an effective organised police service was keenly felt.

Sir Robert Peelthen the Prime Minister, introduced a bill in the British Parliament in which created an organised civil police in London. The success of the London police in controlling social disorder and crime was admired by not only the people of England but also of European and American countries: New York city copied the London model with some modifications when it organised the first Municipal Police Force, in The success of the London police organised under Peel's Act of prompted the British government to reform the police system in the sub-continent in a similar way to British constabularies.

With this end in view, a police commissioner was set upand on the recommendation of the commission of the Police Act Act V ofwas passed by the British Parliament. Under this Act a police force was created in each province of British India, and placed under the control of the provincial government.

The administration of the police force of a province was vested upon an officer styled as the Inspector-general of police. The administration of the police in a district was placed under the Superintendent of Police.

The Act is still in force throughout the sub-continent, and regulates the function of police in Bangladesh, as well as the other countries of the sub-continent. After partition of the sub-continent inthe police force in Bangladesh was first named as the East Bengal Police, and then as the East Pakistan Police; however, it continued to function on the same lines as during the British rule. In the Bangladesh Liberation WarBengali-speaking police officers participated with the citizens, leading to deaths from most ranks, fighting with.

The resistance by the Bengali members of police at Rajarbagh is considered the first chapter of armed struggles during the Bangladesh Liberation war. After the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent country on 16 Decemberthe police force was recognised and assumed the role of a national police force.

The police had been using the boat in its symbol since the independence of Bangladesh. They are. Police medals are awarded every year in the annual Police Week Parade.

They are awarded both for bravery and service. The recruitment process differs according to the level of position being recruited to, and direct entry where an applicant does not have to start at the lowest level is possible. The educational requirements increase with rank.

Recruitment is conducted in the following three tiers:. After passing from the academy, they undergo an orientation training for six months in the district level as a probationer.

All upazila or police stations, districts and divisions list of Bangladesh

After that they have been appointed as a full-fledged ASPs in different units. Sub-Inspectors are recruited by Police Headquarters centrally.Dhanmondi Police Station: Address: R 6. H 21, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Important Forms Contact Us. Find Your Local Police. Adabor Police Station.

bangladesh police station list

Badda Police Station. Banani Police Station. Bangshal Police Station. Bimanbandar Police Station. Cantonment Police Station. Chalkbazar Police Station. Dakshin Khan Police Station.

Darus-Salam Police Station. Demra Police Station. Dhanmondi Police Station. Gandaria Police Station. Gulshan Police Station. Hazaribag Police Station. Jattrabari Police Station. Kafrul Police Station. Kalabagan Police Station. Kamrangirchar Police Station. KhilgoanPolice Station. Khilkhet Police Station. Kodomtali Police Station. Kotwali Police Station. Lalbagh Police Station.

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